Blocked Drains Brisbane?

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In and around the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane, blocked drains may be a common plumbing issue. However it takes an expert eye to assess why the issue has arisen in the first place. At Abstract Plumbing, we are fully licensed plumbers who are highly trained to identify the many possible causes of blocked drains–some of which may not be immediately apparent–and use the approach and equipment that best addresses the issues.

For instance, in a majority of older properties, where tree roots are often the underlying cause of blocked drains, we use a specialised drain clearing machine, or ‘Electric Eel’ as it is sometimes referred to. This cuts away at the tree roots allowing the debris to be washed away, clearing the drains. Given our thorough approach, we run the machine all the way through the whole drainage system beyond the present blockage to ensure that other similar blockages are not beginning to form elsewhere along the system.

We have specialised equipment that we often use that can help us inspect and locate problems in the drain with the use of the drain camera equipment which provides CCTV camera footage inside the drain to locate any further problems and provide actual photos so we can assess the issue, give advice and quote for any permanent repairs.

For stormwater drains, we would normally take a different approach. Here, we would typically use high pressure drain clearing equipment, also called ‘drain-jetting’. This is ideal for removing silt and leaf debris out of stormwater drains, this equipment is also great for clearing grease buildup out of commercial trade waste drains.

For smaller waste pipes that are blocked, we have a few different options available to clear the drains, depending on access and location. We can use specialised drain chemicals to break down the blockage or we could use a ‘Mini Eel’, which is a smaller version of the ‘Electric Eel’ and connects onto a power drill which we run down drains to break down debris which can then be flushed away.

For more information, expert advice or a quote for clearing blocked drains, please contact Abstract Plumbing on 1800 555 344.